Our greatest asset is our ability to manage yours.

Aircraft Management Benefits

Manage your asset as you see fit

At Air Services Inc., (ASI) we help you design the aircraft management program to best fits your needs. For example, if you want to reduce your ownership cost, we can charter out your aircraft to other guests, when not in use with you, earning revenue to apply against your monthly expenses. And you can do as little or as much charter as you wish – or none at all. Our management capabilities also include pilot staffing, flight support, maintenance, insurance coverage, and reporting.

Pilot Staffing

ASI can hire, train, and manage your entire flight crew, or provide you individual pilots as needed. We evaluate and assign qualified pilots and expertly train them at CAE or FlightSafety International. ASI’s standard operating procedures and record keeping ensure full compliance with all FAA regulations and aircraft insurance requirements.

Flight support

The ASI flight department is on call 24 hours a day to handle your travel needs. Our schedule planners will arrange your flight, catering, transport upon arrival, hotel stays, and even dinner reservations. No trip detail is too small and All details and expenses associated with each trip are handled ahead of time – all you have to do is show up, relax, and fly!


Prior to service entry, your aircraft will undergo a full inspection to ensure it meets applicable FAA requirements. Once on board, all activity, inspections, and service are tracked by our aircraft maintenance program. ASI takes pride in working hard to safely keep your aircraft ready when you want it. We also strive to keep the costs in line by working smart and providing discounts for our in house services, labor, and parts.


One of the most important aspects of aircraft ownership is insurance coverage. ASI will work with you to ensure your investment is properly covered. We can also reduce the cost of doing so by applying our fleet rate discounts and proper coverage levels to your aircraft.


ASI handles all aircraft activity record keeping allowing you to receive a monthly report detailing ownership expenses, charter revenue, and upcoming maintenance. Our reports are fully customizable to accommodate your specifications.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits include full access to ASI’s charter fleet, those of other trusted and preferred operators, national fuel discounts, and usage of our private lounge and free parking at our first class facilities at Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport.

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